Yuave is an Auto Receptionist for Small businesses. When you sign up you get a number (0800,0845, 0203 etc.) which can be configured for incoming calls through a web portal. You can set greetings and create departments or extensions. The Auto Receptionist takes the input from the callers and forwards the call to the mobile or landline number right away.
Much more than just a Business Phone number
With Yuave you get more than just a 0800, 0844 or 0845 number. No missed business opportunities while you are travelling or vacationing. No worries of losing after hours customers. Everything is streamlined.
Project a Professional Business Image
Make your business look established with professional greetings and options. Let you callers feel as if they are contacting a big business. Convert more leads to sales.
Never lose your customers’ phone numbers
Yuave gives you a personalised online phone book where every number that calls your business is saved automatically. All your contacts will always be safe and sound for you to access from your computer or mobile.