• Delivering Innovative

    We deliver innovation in telecoms, internet
    and fintech space. Our brands include
    Kasookoo and identifyi, in addition to our white-
    label products and services.

  • Platform Of Choice For
    Telecom Companies

    Our growth has been fuelled by long-term
    partnerships with some of the world’s
    leading network and telecoms
    specialists including MTN,
    Nokia, GSMA and BICS.

  • Yuave Limited –
    When and Where

    We employ people in Europe, North
    America and Africa with Head Quarters
    in London, UK and our customer base
    spans 20 countries with strong emphasis
    on Europe, Africa and Asia.


SS7 protocols have been designed and standardised in 1980s when the connected networks were treated as trusted parties of a closed and state controlled community of carriers. Correspondingly SS7 protocols do not have a build-in mechanism for authentication and integrity protection. Yuave offers SS7 penetration testing service to mobile telecommunications operators to assess vulnerabilities in SS7 and diameter networks.